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Psycho-sensory Psychotherapy, Personal / Professional Coaching & Mentoring, Kundalini Tantra Yoga Teacher, Mental Health Trainer

About Me

I'm Richie, a Cancer Thriver, Yogi, Psychotherapist, Coach and Kundalini Yoga and Tantra Teacher. After traveling the world and living in various places, I always came home to Birmingham... Though I now currently reside in the beautiful Shropshire countryside and spend winter in the Canaries, as I can't handle the cold!

Many years of extremes brought me to my spiritual awakening after an end stage Cancer diagnosis, resulting in being told I had just a few months to live. While they arranged a place in a hospice, I had what many call a near-death-experience, and what I call my spiritual awakening! From here I had insight to the multi-dimensional beings we really are and the world of duality in which we live.

I came to see how my own internalised guilt, shame and pain around my sexuality, upbringing and my lack of self-love had all contributed to my illness.

Many months of treatment, self-realisation and healing followed where I experienced the power of our consciousness, healing and love.

I feel my mission is now to share what I have learned with men like myself, to prevent further pain and to experience our divine nature through the power of self-love.

Why I Facilitate

Tantra and yoga in various forms have helped me overcome some of the biggest challenges of my life... and I simply can't keep that to myself!

I blend modern psychology with ancient wisdom to help men overcome internalised pain and shame and find self-love.

I love to teach, and share the truly transformative power of understanding one's self, through energy, mind and body, while embracing our sexuality. To see people connecting, embracing love and discovering their true potential, is honestly a privilege and blessing.

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