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Facilitator, Masseur

Tantra for Gay Men Diploma. Facilitator Training. Swedish and Tantric Massage Training. Tantra Teacher Training (ongoing): (also BM BS, MRCPsych., BA hons).

Location: Manchester, Bradford

About Me

I was born and raised in London but moved away for medical training, arriving in West Yorkshire, UK, as a psychiatrist in 1990 but retired in 2012.

I attended Christian worship for decades, coming out as an atheist at the same time as coming out gay nearly 20 years ago, at that time married and with children. Although I was 48 then, and the transition from full time family life inevitably had some difficulties, fortunately there were no breakdown in relationships with my children or indeed the wider family.

I’m still atheist, but through Buddhism and in the last 5 years, tantra, I’ve learnt that there are many kinds of spirituality, and especially from Tantra that our bodies and sexuality are not a source of shame - far from it, they can be a way to living with more awareness, authenticity and love.

The year after finding Tantra I trained and then worked as a masseur, working from home. Massage can be many things, but an important aspect is human connection through touch. Although it has gentle moments, Tantra is certainly not mild or bland. I’ve shared some amazing, mind-and-soul blowing moments and the story continues. Tantra, and sharing Tantra, is now a big part of my life.

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