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Premature Ejaculation with Davey Wavey

Video Transcript:

DW: Hey guys I’m a Davey Wavey and the following scene might look a little bit familiar to you. You’re having fun, you’re enjoying each other, but then all of a sudden you lose control and then…’alright, slow down, aaaaaaah’. That’s right there’s no way to sugarcoat it, today we are talking about premature ejaculation with Jason from My first question is what is premature ejaculation.

JT: I think it’s basically where you come when you don’t have any control and sooner than you wanted to and I think the first thing that I would say is that this is much more widespread than you would imagine. I guess where I am coming at this from is about helping give you some ideas and some techniques so that you can take back control and you can take back choice about that.

DW: So what can people do

JT: Well the first thing I would say is that if you have any physical concerns, the first thing is to go and talk to your doctor. I think the biggest issue that seems to come up is around shame.

DW: Seems to come up – no pun intended

JT: And that can be not feeling comfortable about being gay, or not feeling comfortable about being bisexual. SO in our world when we grow up, actually the idea of being gay is not always our first choice although we come to terms with that and would never change that after a while. The idea of being gay in the beginning part is not OK when you first discover that you are and so premature ejaculation can then be caused by shame of being gay or shame of being bisexual and I think one aspect of premature ejaculation is related to the body wanting sex, wanting sexual contact and the mind not being OK with that and wanting to get to that finish line as quickly as possible.

DW: I feel that I have the exact opposite situation which is it takes me forever

JT: In my experience that could be two things going on. One is that when you’re absolutely liberated and in the throws of your sexual expression what happens is your sexual energy down here becomes so much over the whole of your body that it’s really difficult to bring that all back down to your cock.

DW: I don’t think that’s my problem

JT: Or the other part of that could be around not necessarily feeling comfortable and I don’t mean just at the very surface level but at a very deep, emotional level being totally OK with who you are as a gay or bisexual man and being OK being sexual in front of another person and I think that can sometimes can cause issues around delay

DW: Thank you therapy, I hate myself haha. So having said all that what can we do about this.

JT: OK as you know we’ve been working together on a program called Igniting Your Sexual Power which is three podcasts

DW: Sounds so much nicer with your accent by the way it’s so elegant

JT: Thank you. So we’ve got three podcasts and three videos. In one of those podcasts what we talk about is the ‘chakras’ and actually rather than when you’re engaged in sex kind of giving you some ideas and techniques to bring that energy up we talk about breathing methods, making sound, moving and then the first video when you’ve got Chris Harder he’s actually showing you how to do this

DW: And you can see his penis

JT: And you’ll see his penis quite a bit I think. If you choose not to buy the videos then my advice to you would be, when you’re self pleasuring, masturbating, having a wank, jerking off…my advice then is to start breathing and to start bringing in some sounds, some ‘ooooh, aaaah’ type things and to kind of visualise your sex energy going up through your body and then just stopping for a while and kind of feeling how that feels in your body and then kind of going in again and repeating that and seeing how long you can extend those periods of time…

DW: So if you’re interested in the program, i’m gonna put a link down below so you can check it out and big thanks to Jason, I am going to put a link to his website, there too, there are a lot of great resources there. So as always thanks for watching and as always more to come

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