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The Miracles of Igniting Your Sexual Power

Video Transcript:

Hello hello it’s Jason Tantra here and you’re joining me today on Facebook Live and also you might be watching this on our website or YouTube or catching up later in some other Facebook groups, and today I’m talking to you about the miracles of igniting in your sexual power. The first thing I’d say is, I really mean that what I’m talking about miracles and I’m really serious when I’m talking about your sexual power. now listen, this year I am going to be doing my US tour, to the whole of this live broadcast and I’ve got a very special present for you at the end, and yeah my US tour this year I’m going to be in Fort Lauderdale during May and I have to look at my bit of paper, I’m also going to be in Philadelphia and New York City and also Seattle, and I’ll talk a little bit about that more um as we get towards the end, but as I said watch today’s live broadcast to the end because I’ve got a special gift for you.

Now for me the idea when I say about the miracle, a miracle for me is something that is beyond that which is normal to you, so if you think about your day-to-day life and you think about the way that you operate what you experience with people, for me the first idea of a miracle is something that’s beyond a WoW kind of experience, and you kind of may you know recognize times when you’ve had that in your life and the reason why I talk about the miracles of your sexual power well, let me talk about your sexual power first of all.

So, for me in Tantra we believe you have your sexual energy which is coming, I’m touching it as I’m talking to you, it’s not kind of a it’s not one of those shows mommy honestly would be okay you have your sexual energy, and you also have your heart, which is your heart energy and then we also believe that you have your spiritual energy that’s coming in from your crown chakra and in Tantra we kind of work with all of those three energies, okay Danny yeah good you’ve got sexual energy brilliant.

Then listen to this because I’ve also got a meditation practice that you might also want to try later but most people or most men when they think about their sexual energy, kind of think it’s either to reproduce or because they’re feeling horny need to crack one off, and a kind of release that pressure, that sexual frustration and there’s kind of that horniness that can kind of go with that, and for me you know nobody ever really kind of teaches us or shows us about how to actually use that sexual energy that sexual power in a way that can really help you and literally transform your life and bring miracles, bring their profound to you bring that is beyond your day to day existence.

Now, I don’t know if you ever noticed but I did a project with Davey Wavey the YouTube star, and this igniting your sexual power and one of the things I was talking about. For me there’s kind of three things, it can help you with really getting in touch with your sexual power, and learning how to direct it and how to use it to master you, like sometimes I don’t know about you, but I’ve sometimes felt like my sexual energy has centers felt like a curse, I’ve kind of not known what to do with it. I’ve been kind of claw in the walls and there’s some times where you know it’s something just won’t actually just kind of to be there it just like haha.

And so for me there’s something about taking control and learning to master your sexual energy so that you can choose how you direct it and there’s three ways that I say that your sexual energy can help you. One one is on a day-to-day level I’m going to talk a little bit more about that in a moment but another way is your sexual energy can show you where the problems are in your life where the things are difficult things are yeah kind of showing up as problems and again I’m going to talk about that a little bit more and the third section for me is for me about the profound miracles of using your sexual energy as part of your spiritual journey and I’m going to talk a little bit more about how you might use your sexual energy to bring you to very profound spiritual states basically the same as what the Tibetan Buddhists are doing.

You know would you believe that you can sit in a monastery and be in complete silence doing meditation for years in total silence and achieve states of bliss but if I said to you that you can achieve those same states have the peak of your orgasmic experience it’s the same bliss and I’m going to talk a little bit more a little bit more about that so I guess the other thing I would say is as I’ve got a little bit older my sex has got better year-on-year okay i de Coverley delivery should be sharing that on Facebook live but the more I’ve kind of taken responsibility for my sexual power and taking responsibility for my sexual enjoyment and made sure that I am in control of the experience that I’m having what I find is that that has given me much much better sex and I feel that as I’ve taken responsibility for having better sex I’ve kind of grown in confidence and I’ve been able to declare to my partner or partners what my needs are what I like what what what turns me on what arouses me.

And for me you know on a day-to-day level of really starting to as I said master your sexual power you wouldn’t believe how it can help you on a day to day basis it can help you feel more energized more definitely more confident more there’s also something about I don’t if you’ve noticed this like if you’re ever in sexual activity with yourself with your mobile phone watching a certain film or maybe with others but there’s kind of that like sexual play that sexual pleasure kind of getting up to the point of orgasm and then choosing to ejaculate and then for anything like me your energy just goes back and everything just goes south for all it was gonna say at my age my age that kind of goes down for about another week.

But actually one of the things I teach in my workshops is about ejaculatory choice having the choice of choosing whether to Carmen and unlistenable some it feels lovely and we know that our energy as then goes and then goes all the way down. Okay that’s life that’s the way nature decided we we were going to be but those that those that actually say your ejaculation is the seed of the devil I kind of and I think you know how can something that feel so good be so bad you know how can how can that happen and and for me we’re just given choice.

But actually and if you’re making a choice to hold your sexual energy and I’m going to talk about orgasmic states in a bit there’s something about choosing to hold that energy and being able to learn to direct that in your life to achieve and be the things that you want to do but for me the first thing I advocate is choice and if you’re choosing to hold that energy and you start to build and I’m going to give you a meditation in this broadcast today to kind of help you learn how to build your sexual energy what you’re going to notice is you’re gonna feel more awake you’re gonna feel like you just don’t notice more in life you’re gonna feel more alive and as if that wasn’t enough you’re also gonna feel much much more juicy and and kind of the world can feel a bit different and it can feel more yummy more exciting and just more juicy and yummier I mean you know there’s no other way to kind of say that.

The other thing though that I would say is that working with your sexual energy can also show you what’s not going on right in your life for you and it can kind of highlight different focus areas that you may want to look at and it’s basically your set.

I always say if it’s happening in your sex it’s happening in your day to day life and vice versa and so if you’re feeling that your sex isn’t that good it might be that if you reflect on your life your life may not feel that good and actually your sexual energy can actually be your best therapist because you know for me I’ve been working with Tantra would you believe that directly though barely look old enough but I’ve been working with Tantra for 28 years and for me you know there was something about the abuse the sexual abuse in my childhood that I would say completely fucked up my sexual experiences all the way through my teenage years and end it to my early Adeline actually didn’t really enjoy sex when I first started you know in my very late teens and early early twenties.

And I remember going on my first an Tantra workshop and I just put everybody out I was out there to abuse me I thought they wanted to rape me they just wanted to consume me and you know what you’ll see in some of my videos when I talk about my Tantra journey it’s fucking hard work really really hard work but with and this is where I say that your sexual energy can be your best therapist and if you’re able to use your sexual energy as ways of learning and exploring what’s going on for you as I said it can be your best therapists.

For me what I really learned in my journey with Tantra was about boundaries how to say no like if you ever had those times okay we’re kind of like yo me too it’s like if you ever had time we’ve had sex for somebody and you can’t wait for it to be over and you might have faked an orgasm we kinda have all these ways don’t mere that were and it’s because we didn’t know how to say no and we did we might offend the other person we might upset them and I would say that really learning to be in the in control of your sexual power and she helps you feel more confident you’re more able to ask for what you really really like and in one of my videos I did word Avery the last one with him and Chris Alda was about asking for what you really like.

Again have you ever been in sex and you’re like I forgot so I just wish they would do this and and they don’t and you leave disappointed that can be happening happening too so for me kind of learning to master your sexual power as I said can make you feel more much more confident and it can also help you exercise boundaries.

And I think one of the other things I would say as well is this might be a bit controversial who my viewers on the live broadcast my plummet to the ground now after this one but as human beings I wonder if we’re wired to keep working through what doesn’t work in our lives okay like we’re like programmed for pain and we’re progra.

It’s like if somebody ever upset you or you’ve got a situation going on at work or something’s going on and you just spend or I’m and kind of like me too I struggle with this it goes round and round around around around around and you spend like a whole day worrying about a particular situation or stressing about it or it just kind of like not working and yet if you were able to just like push that to one side imagine the pleasure that you could live instead of them and I think one of the things I notice about people that experience and practice Tantra on a day-to-day basis I don’t know if you ever have met any or come to one of my workshops and you’ll meet them but basically there’s kind of like an energy there’s kind of a ecstasy that’s kind of within those people because they’ve spent so long in what I call a orgasmic states and you’ll be happy to know I’m going to talk about that in a moment where they’re it’s like they’re in a permanent state of orgasm orgasm.

I mean imagine that every day waking up in a permanent state of orgasm and this is where I move on to the third area of where Tantra can help you because actually using your sexual energy can help you into very very profound spiritual states now people think and forgive me if I make some jokes here but people think when you think about spirituality is like I’ve got a joke for you let me give you um yeah well I always say to people what makes it what makes you know eh actually I’ll tell you two jokes at the same time what I’m trying to say losing it is that people think you know putting on your Enya CD like eating candles lighting your incense stick and kind of make something spiritual or people feel that spirituality is something very very soon that has it’s no fun at all and it just has to be miserable you know for something to be spiritual it has to be miserable and for me actually the reverse is completely there and some good are moving into talking about that.

The third part of the miracles of your sensual power and I’m talking now about the more spiritual aspects you see people believe that if you’re following one particular spiritual path like the Tibetan Buddhists very very quiet meditations very much in silence being very very serious very holy in namaste actually what you don’t realize is that what they’re meditating on is such a profound state of bliss that is actually beyond anything we can conceive on planet Earth that’s where they’re at that’s why they’re doing it they’re not doing it to be all like super holy super spiritual look at me they’re actually doing it because they’re in a far better place than the recalled reality of what’s actually in front of them on planet Earth.

And as I said earlier there’s two ways for me of a spiritual pathway there’s the very quiet celibate kind of opening into silence of in the state of bliss in that place but the other way which is much more fun is finding that at the peak of your orgasm at the peak of your orgasmic state.

Now follow us for a second imagine that you are in a sexual activity maybe with yourself maybe with another maybe with another’s as my Christian accent there Neil if you’re still online you’ll appreciate my Brazilian accent but for me there’s something about being in sexual activity feeling that energy kind of coursing through your body feeling that energy like rising and raising and your body starts to tense and you can feel that kind of orgasmic state surging through and building in your body and then if you’re choosing to come there’s that moment of calm and I always say to people what are you thinking about when you ejaculate when you come what are you thinking about and they always tell me nothing I’m not thinking about nothing and so there’s something for me then as Tantra being part of a spiritual pathway about that nothingness when you orgasm that’s what the Tibetan Buddhists that’s what the meditators are all wanting to do and wanting to achieve and they’re doing it through the silent pathway but actually what you can learn and use Tantra is another pathway and have to tell you in my experience it’s much much more fun kind of getting to that place through the tantric pathway but maybe I’m biased I don’t know.

Now for me there’s if you think about like the spiritual journey if you imagine that if you touch your cock if you start to stimulate it this kind of pleasure sensations that start to go how much a touch with my cock as I talk to you there’s kind of some pleasure sensations that start to go through your body and then you kind of make me start to stimulate yourself some more that’s kind of building up that sexual energy and I talked about taking all the way up to the point of orgasm okay and for me there’s that that eye of the storm there’s that eye of the storm when you come and there’s just that nothing that and that for me is if if you can learn how to master that you can extend that from 3 seconds to 3 minutes to 30 minutes to 3 hours 3 day.

You can actually extend it to a point where what I’ve noticed with tantrics of that are experienced over a prolonged period there kind of gets a time where that state is almost present with you all the time but that’s what the lead baton Buddhists are doing it’s exactly the same it’s just different pathways of getting there so when I talk about the the miracles of your sexual power for me there’s something about how it helps you on a day to day you know as I said more energized more confident more awake but you notice more it’s also when you learn to master your sexual energy and you just have much better sex there’s no other way to say it you just have much much better sex.

And the other thing as I said is that your sexual energy can be on your best Farra pissed it can help show you the different things that you struggle with and the different things that are still there for you to work on great it’s like the the cheapest free therapy because it’s showing you the different things to work on and lastly and I think for me as a transfer teacher the most prefer is about how in mastering my sexual power I can actually learn and use them to achieve bliss which for me is a very big step on the pathway to enlightenment.

You know if you believe in Tantra as a spiritual journey Tantra has its roots in Buddhism and Hinduism and it’s a pathway to enlightenment and it uses controversially your sexual energy to achieve those states and you know what I’m able to do with my students and I do it my workshops is I help people to start to have profound experiences of bliss and if I had much more time would you believe has only just the star once you start hitting bliss it’s like other realm must start to open just like the universe are going to start sounding very kooky kooky but it’s like the universe starts to open and all of that is coming like a personal coming all of that is coming from the star of your sexual energy.

And for me is as human beings I think what we forget is we get so involved in our day to day life we think that everything is really really important but actually the truth is in your vaults in your cock in your testicles what you need to know you know when you when you hear like spiritual little sayings it’s all inside you it literally is the truth of who you are and this journey called enlightenment starts in your cock starts in your base chakra starts in your arms.

And my job as a Tantra teacher and I get so excited about this do you know I tell people I have the best job in the world and let me tell you for why because I spend my days and I even cry at this point I spend my day waking up every day thinking how can I help people to of reader help men to freedom how can I help you realize and understand and reveal to you that you are so much more than how you perceive yourself right now and there’s so much more to life that’s much more juicy ecstatic blissful like all of that stuff all orgasmic and this is why I get so excited because for me it feels alive it feels awake it’s my passion it’s my love to do this job.

And you know if you know anything about me over 10,000 men have been through my work and I’m still teaching ten years later and I’m still as passionate about helping you to I guess get over the I love what’s around you and an open to the possibility of basically the miracles of your sexual power.

Let me tell you one thing and then I’m going to talk about my free gift I’m going to promote my dates of my US tour and I’ve also got an excerpt I’m looking at my notes I’ve got an exercise for you as well but let me tell you this thing when I do sessions with my one-to-one clients I guess in my time that I’ve learned about how to use energy but I can just literally stroke the back of somebody’s and scrotal sack and they are screaming and unease screaming in sheer ecstasy that’s pulsing through the whole of their body and for me what is beautiful in that is it gives them a glimpse of the truth.

You see when somebody is gone kind of crazy in an ecstatic orgasmic and then leading to a blissful state it’s like it’s a reminder of the truth of who they really are and under the seed of that is love is is is just love so you can see why I get excited I mean who wouldn’t want to know about the miracles of their sexual power you can see why I get all passionate and then alive about it.

So let me give you what I’m gonna do now is I’m just going to talk briefly about an exercise practice that I’d like to leave you with and if you come back to this in a few days and you feel brave enough to let me know how it goes try this out and maybe this could be your meditation practice for a week you know try for a week and kind of see what happens.

But basically the way that it starts okay is just standing in your room with your clothes off I’m not taking my clothes off before any of your message that that’s on a different video so you’re standing there with your clothes off maybe you switch the mobile phone off maybe it’s seven o’clock in the morning before you’re getting ready to go to work or whenever you’re doing in your day and you basically just start with your eyes closed okay and you start bringing your awareness to your breath and just try this breathing for a little while nice deep into the belly slow on the exhale and then what I want you to do is with your fingertips okay I want you to ever so slowly just start to caress your body one millimetre per second okay very very slowly and what I want you to bring your awareness of your attention to is this sensation that’s going on in your body and for example when you start to go over sensitive areas like your nipples or around your scrotum sack around your cock around your inner thighs I’m actually doing that now around your inner thighs ever so slowly with your fingertips and what you may notice is you start to get my goose bumps or you start to get shudders or spasms and why I’d encourage you to do is to start bringing sound okay start bringing sound to those sensations that you’re feeling and then you actually just start and you see how shudderings just that time just that stroke is like a remembrance for me of that ecstasy that can go through your body.

Now you need to be doing this I would say for a good ten minutes and you know I really want you to allow yourself ten minutes of just quiet breathing light fingertips over your body and just expressing with breath and with sound the sensations that you’re feeling in your body okay and what I also then want you to do for the next 10 minutes okay is then to stomp some that touch your cock maybe you’ve got some nice massage oil maybe nothing scented maybe just something as simple as coconut oil or lubricant whatever is your preferred substance for for stroking your cock and what I’m going to do is just ever so slowly start to wake up your own sexual energy okay start to wake up your sexual energy and I kind of want you to imagine your breathing that up through your body okay and you’re letting it get bigger and bigger and maybe you’re starting to stroke your cock a little bit more okay but I want you to imagine a breathing that energy of a feeling kind of coming up your body coming down your legs down your arms okay.

And my invitation with this meditation is I really want you to resist the idea of ejaculating okay if you’re able to and as I said I want you to try this for a week so it’s ten minutes breathing it stroking your body touching snaking sand of the sensations it’s then another ten minutes okay of gentle cock stroking maybe starting to stimulate yourself some more and let that kind of energy go through the body without taking it to a point of ejaculation okay and then what I want to do is get ask you to like to spend another ten minutes okay kind of just lying down on the floor and just being um in awareness okay just being in awareness of how that energy moves around your body.

Now listen I promise you if you do this for a week okay you’re going to start noticing things changing around you you’re gonna start noticing yourself feeling a little bit more confident feeling a much more awake really kind of seeing what’s going on around you and it’s also likely that you might hit some function as I said your sexual energy is actually your best therapists and so if you notice block you’ll notice things again maybe in that ten minutes of sitting in silence you can kind of start having a check-in with that thing that came up.

I check in with that thing that was difficult I check in with with with them and what you may also notice in that ten minutes is because you’ve taken your energy up and you’ve let it plateau there it’s much much easier for you to get into the silence of the meditation then maybe if you sat on your own like I do recently in the last three months I’ve been doing a very silent meditation practice and I spend between two or three hours a day and would you believe the first fucking hour is trying to turn my brain off I’m thinking about shopping list I’m thinking about this Facebook live I’m thinking about you know next doors Pat and I drive myself crazy trying to get to this silence and actually I could probably follow my own advice actually but the tips and techniques that I’m showing you okay can actually help you silence your mind so as I said ten minutes just getting used to your body fingertips 10 minutes of light sexual stimulation and then 10 min of silence okay and just being a witness without any thoughts to what you’re feeling in your body and focusing on your breath.

And I’d be really really interested in how that goes for you and what you find. So listen I’ve got two more things to talk to you about and then I’m finishing this Facebook live session but I promised you at the beginning a free and gift okay so as I said I’m doing my US tour I’m in Fort Lauderdale on May the fifth and sixth. I’m in Philadelphia on May the nineteenth and twentieth. I’m in New York City on as a one-day on Saturday May the 26th, and I’m also in Seattle in June on the 23rd and 24th on the details for that still need to go up on the website but if you booked one of those workshops okay by the end of April I am gonna give you one of my beautiful gifts. I’m actually going to give you a free copy of the Davey Wavey program that I did.

Now you might go well what is that well listen it’s made up of three videos between Chris Harder and Davey Wavey himself they look really they’re quite simple but they look sexy and you’ll kind of get the idea and they’ll definitely give you some of the ideas that I wrote around how to ignite your sexual power and then there’s also going to be three audios that you’re going to get well okay and that’s me talking up for an hour about about what hunter is talking about chakras talking about sex and also talking about how how you can sort of that play some games with partners.

So if you’ve got you know partner the amount grinder five minutes ago or a partner that you’ve known for twenty years there’s some ideas in those audio clips about things that you might choose to do together then rather following following through a set script.

So listen I’m coming to the end of my Facebook live let me just clarify for you today I’ve been talking about the miracles of igniting your sexual power and I’ve talked about how it can help you out on a day to day and I’ve also talked about how your sexual energy can actually be your own therapist and I’ve talked about the profoundness of using your sexual energy for a more spiritual journey and how that can work with ecstasy with spirituality I talked about my tour dates those are all on the website Tantra4GayMen. Come have a look under US events and I really hope that you choose to come and meet me come and choose to come and spend the weekend or the day with me. And as I said I would love to give you that free gift of the Davey Wavey package as a thank you for coming along and supporting me and letting me take you on a journey these weekends we just talked about those briefly we’re going to be doing some of these things I’ve talked about in this call but actually much much more its juicy it’s sexy you’re gonna leave that weekend feeling more awake more alive and with a lot more ideas of what you can take away into your day-to-day life listen has been my joy to be with you.

I’m actually here in would you believe in Copan Yang in Thailand so the sun setting here as i’m recording this for you. It’s been my joy to be with you miss and lots of love to you, lots of blessings and see the love showers. Okay have a great day wherever you are and take my love with you, take care.

So thank you for watching my YouTube clip. If you enjoyed it please like it and if you’d like more than do subscribe to my channel. And if you have any questions leave them on a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer those for you, Thank you.

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