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Do I have to attend all the Workshops

We have zero expectations of you. What we want to provide you with is choice. You can choose to do as many workshops as possible, or none at all. You are free to take a morning out and sit in the lounge area and drink tea, or to take time out for an afternoon nap. We want you to have the best time, and sometimes that is about every workshop and at other times about taking time out to let it all soak in.

We do ask you to attend a 1 hour family sharing per day as your only commitment. At our festivals, each participant is assigned to a Family – a group of guys who will be your buddies for the Festival time. In the early afternoon, the families come together for an hour to share and spend some time together. Many festival-goers say that this is the time when the best friendships are forged! It is also a place of support. Sometimes even though the best of intentions are about celebration, we all carry life histories and when we come to the subjects of intimacy, sensuality, sexuality or spirituality, things can sometimes come up for you. And your family is there to support you and to listen to you. A place where you can share what is coming up for you.

After breakfast, we will hold our Morning Meeting in which teachers will present their workshops of the day – so you know exactly what’s on offer. This is a great way to keep in touch with the news. Where announcements are made and a chance to touch base with everyone at the festival.

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