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How are the training days structured?

During the Tantra Coach Training your day starts at 8am and is typically a 1 hour meditation. Our meditations are active and tantric in nature and so maybe be different if you have an existing meditation practice. This is then followed by breakfast for 1hr30min. This is time for eating, chatting with your friends on the training, homework and showers.

Between Breakfast and Lunch are typically more lecture based training. This is where we go into topics in depth. That could be ethical frameworks, practices and techniques, psychotherapeutic models or lectures and discussions of Tantra.

After a 1hr30min lunch it is hands on to learn practical exercises and techniques. You will receive briefings and demonstrations. Here you will learn how to perform these techniques and practices for others. There will be constructive feedback mechanisms from your peers and tutors to support you in your growth and development.

After Dinner there tends to be a ritual based practice that could be something nourishing and rejuvenating or hugely ecstatic and bringing the peak of your sexual energy. Our evenings tend to finish around 10.30pm and you will definitely need your rest to be ready for the next day. Food in all locations is really excellent and you won’t even notice it’s vegetarian. We also provide snacks and drinks throughout the days. We also have use of Spa Facilitates (15min walk) and in addition we will bring our portable Spa which is next to the building.

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