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Is this a professional training?

Tantra is an unlicensed practice in that it is not licensed in the USA whereas massage as an example is. Neo-Tantra is a combination of many different practices and methods that make up the main body of knowledge and practice of Neo-Tantra and as uniquely created by Jason & Into Tantra and by Jason Tantra and Finn Deerhart for the Tantra Coach Training. Between these 3 persons you are receiving over 40 years worth of experience in this field and much of the techniques and practices have been created and integrated to our own unique TantraGayMen methods and practices.

Completing all 6 modules of the Tantra Coach Training we believe will give you the skills to safely, ethically, help and support others in the practice of Tantra. You will be able to take people into deep and profound states of ecstasy and bliss. You will be able to hold space to listen effectively and to feel skilled and confident in the questions that you might ask. People may ask you “how can I create more intimacy”, or “how can I experience ecstasy”, or “I don’t feel confident in my intimate encounters” and much more. This training will give you a framework, skills, practices and techniques that you will be able to offer that will help persons explore the areas they are looking to experience or to transform.

The Tantra Coach Training in no ways skills you to be a “therapist” of any sort. Therapy is a licensed practice whereas Tantra is an unlicensed practice. The spaces you hold for others using these techniques and methods do not constitute therapy, but instead hold space for others and with consent, ethics and local laws being able to take persons into deep and transformative journeys using our unique methods of tantric techniques and practices.

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