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Valentine Date

Video Transcript:

Thanks for joining me this time. This time I want to talk to you about your Valentine’s date, so I’m going to release this one probably about a week or so before Valentine’s Day to give you some chance to make some preparations.

But what I’m offering you in this video is your perfect Valentine’s Day. Now I can already hear one of the things you might tell me is, “Jason I don’t have a Valentine’s date.” Or you may say to me, “Jason I’ve been married for the last 12 years and sex died a long time ago.” Or you may be in the throes of a new relationship with somebody that you’ve just met over the last two weeks.

So listen, let me kind of help you out. If you’ve been in a relationship for a very long time, this is a perfect beautiful way to help you join together. It’s a beautiful Valentine’s Day evening celebration if you’ve got a new lover that you’ve known for a few weeks, a few months; this is really great to try out on him he’s gonna absolutely love you for this.

If you find that you’re single why not put an advert out on one of the apps or the many apps that are out there about looking to share a perfect Tantric Valentine evening. And also if you look on my website, there’s a social network of over 1200 Tantric men across the globe that are aching to connect with you and to share a really beautiful experience. So that answers the first one around how to get a partner. and I get that may answer it for some of you.

So let me think talk a little bit about Valentine’s Day. And I think it can be one of those things, can it, that is, kind of has so much pressure attached to. It’s a bit like New Year’s Eve, you feel that you’ve got to have the perfect experience, the perfect Valentine’s Day. And there’s all this marketing by cards, by presents, the heather, and it just kind of goes on. And you can get just a little bit stressful.

So my idea is to sweep all of that out the way, and for me I think when I think about Valentine’s Day there’s the opportunity to experience, to express love. For me that’s what Valentine’s Day is, at its core is the ability to express love. And for me what I want to do is give you the idea of a Tantric date where you can create something sensual, something juicy, something creative, something beautiful for your partner that you’ve known maybe five minutes or you’ve known 50 years. That there’s something really beautiful and simple in a way that you could choose to share this Valentine’s Day.

So, a little bit of a shopping list for you. First thing for me is organize some music, so you may have some really beautiful classical music or what I call New Age-y music with chants or Buddhist things. Have a look on YouTube, there’s plenty of stuff on there, but kind of select the right music that creates the right mood. So something sensual, something loving, something that kind of expands you to pick your music.

The other thing then is to get a blindfold. Okay, if you don’t have a blindfold, maybe a sarong, or you can pick them up really cheaply online.

And then to also check the person that they don’t have any allergies; but maybe you’ve got some sweets or some chocolates. And sometimes I’m doing like group rituals, I’ll pick sweets that I remember as a child because there’s certain things that have certain flavors. And then maybe some chocolates, as I said to check about allergies, really important. And then maybe get some like fruits and strawberries, some oranges, some apples, and other fruits, berries, all kinds of stuff out there.

And then you want to get some massage oil. Now going to let you into a little trade secret here. You could go out and buy the expensive 30 pounds, $30 a bottle massage oil; but equally you can also use what I call cold press oil, so like something very cheap from your local supermarket and just put some drops of essential oil in it doesn’t need to be expensive.

And and then what you need to do is kind of create a really beautiful space; so maybe it’s somewhere in your front lounge, maybe it’s in in your bedroom, maybe you’ve got like a futon mattress or a couple of yoga mats or cushions that you can put around. Have a look around and see what you’ve got, and maybe cover it into a sheet.

So you’ve got all your things prepared. You’ve got got your partner, you’ve got your music, maybe you’ve lit some candles safely, maybe you’ve got some little electric lights on, just anything that’s gonna make it feel very, very ambient and very, very beautiful.

And then what I’d kind of encourage you to do is to kind of just start by looking into your partner’s eyes, just holding his hands maybe, and just spending some moments looking into his eyes.

And then maybe you’re then starting to gently stroke his body again, for a minimum of five minutes, just gently stroking his body all over. And there may be another idea that you feel, too, is to have gentle kisses okay over his body, over his chest, over his shoulders. And then maybe you might choose to slowly undress him; and not just kind of rip his clothes off and throw it down, but take a good 10-15 minutes to slowly, slowly undress him. Maybe you’ve taken off the shirt and you’re doing very, very light body brush strokes across him. And then maybe you might, you know, remove his trousers, jeans, or pants, and again just slowly stroking through the inner thighs.

Basically you’re making it very, very slow; very, very sensual; very, very beautiful. Then you might ask him to lie down, and you might choose to put the blindfold on him, and you may choose to offer him some of the fruits, some of the chocolates, whilst gently stroking his body.

You may also take some of the massage oil and slowly, slowly massaging; you don’t need to know anything about massage just follow what you feel guided to do, like soft, gentle and definitely slow, I always say to my students on my workshops like one millimetre per second.

And I think the main aim of everything I’m saying is about creating a very, very beautiful, very, very intimate, sensual, loving, connected in the eyes, just gorgeous experience.

And, you know, do pop under this video how you got on with this, what experience you created.

Now I kind of recommend that this all lasts for, you know, a minimum of like an hour and a half. And some other little ideas that you can do: so you’ve got nice fruits, okay you’ve got nice chocolates, it’s not a feel of feeding ritual, so you might do like a chocolate, okay and you then might just do some massage for a while.

The other thing that can be good, just like spray smell. So maybe you’ve got your favorite cologne or your favorite aftershave, and you can just spray that and get him to sniff, make that kind of sound. And again some beautiful massage oil, you could do some back, some butt hooks, some beautiful cock massage.

Another one of my top techniques, just like run the nails through underneath the scrotal sack, that can feel really heavenly; up the inner thighs of the body, gently over the chest, around the nipples. Everything very, very slow, very, very sensual, very, very beautiful. And as I said kind of like an hour and a half.

And maybe you’re hugging him for a while, holding him. Have a play with it, kind of see where it goes, and hopefully it creates for you a way of meeting someone. As I said, whether it’s a stranger, whether it’s a long-term partner, sometimes just having the structure of a ritual or something sacred or something beautiful can just create that kind of opening to having a very sensual, very beautiful, gorgeous connection with this other person.

So there’s a few ideas. View to how to have that perfect Valentine night, and then maybe, you know, it swaps around and maybe he gives back to you, or maybe it’s a doorway into just cuddling, or maybe it’s a doorway into having the best sex that you’ve ever had in a very long time. Who knows the different possibilities that could open up for you, but I do wish you a very happy Valentine’s night. I hope you have a great evening, and I hope this gives you some ideas.

So, I said pop some comments on below and let me know how you get on. Thanks for joining me, take care. Bye bye.

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