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Video Transcript:

Hello there. This time I’d like to talk to you about vulnerability. And the first thing that you might ask yourself is, well why is vulnerability important in relationship to Tantra? Why, why is vulnerability something that you were talked about?

And normally, when we think about vulnerability, we think that there’s something wrong about it. Like being vulnerable, showing your feelings, showing your emotions; like in our society it’s really not okay to be vulnerable, it’s not okay to say how you really feel. And if you work in a corporate environment, or an office, or maybe in your family, it was never okay to be vulnerable.

And what happens is we learn to just shut things down, and we learn to bottle it up, and we learn to switch off feeling any emotions. And what can happen over time is we kind of build up this very thick wall of not feeling anything, and yet not feeling happy.

And what can happen is over time with all of that suppression and with all of that not being vulnerable, actually we just push it down, and push it down, and push it down, and we just keep going forward with life. And something feels missing, something feels like you’re just missing, something doesn’t feel great, life can feel a bit gray.

And when we think about vulnerability, we think it’s all about, you know, letting go of all the tears, letting go of all the traumas that we’ve had in our lives. And yeah thunder ability is about those things, but for me the seed of vulnerability is about the ability to express what’s truly going on for you, that you don’t need to filter it, you don’t need to make it okay for anybody else, that you could be your true vulnerable self and just express what’s truly going on for you regardless of what you or anybody else may think about.

But I think also that for me is like truth, and that’s one core of vulnerability. But if we just take that down even a little deeper ,for me there’s something about surrender, there’s something so deep in vulnerability, that potentially you are, what’s the word? I kind of want to say that you’re at risk, you could be hurt, and I don’t mean that in a bad way, but because obviously wherever you’re going to be vulnerable, you’re going to be checking that that place is safe, but actually vulnerable.

Well I don’t know, I’ve got a contradiction to that, because actually when you’re vulnerable you’re really, really touched. And of course if somebody’s doing something malicious to you that could hurt you. But actually I think you can still be vulnerable whilst not allowing other people to hurt you.

And in Tantra we talk about boundaries, we talk about the ability to say no, and we talk about the ability to say yes. And I think if you’re opening yourself to a place of vulnerability, that actually before you would consider that, you feel confident about your ability to state your no’s and state your yeses, so that you feel safe. But for me vulnerability is about really showing up your true, deep, and authentic self and that takes time to learn and it takes time to kind of get down there.

So what I want to invite you to kind of be with this time, being with over the next week, is exploring where you feel vulnerable and what’s really going on for you. You see, during sex you could feel you’re most vulnerable, and I think the reason for me bringing this to you is something about the bliss that you can experience in the depth of your vulnerability.

So normally we believe in life we have to be strong, we have to be in control, and for me intense that only represents one kind of energy. But actually when you’re in surrender, when you’re feeling vulnerable, when you’re feeling open, whilst being safe actually there’s a much deeper and much more richer experience of bliss, of actually having an experience.

For me Tantra is not about making everything beautiful and all very Disney, and every day is beautiful for me; that that’s not the truth, that’s not a spiritual path. For me what Tantra is about is about being able to be open and be vulnerable to all the great and good stuff in life, and in equal proportions work with the stuff that’s difficult, that feels difficult for me. The human experience, the enlightened experience is about being able to experience profound joy, profound ecstasy, profound bliss, as well as the stuff that in life is difficult to.

But I kind of leave you with this thought today, if you have a life where you never experienced anything, you never experienced joy and you never experience the bad thing, you just kind of flatlined in life and I asked you “what kind of life is that?” you might be like “well you know it was okay.” But if I said to you about the choice of having a life that feels vulnerable, that feels open and that you can experience profound ecstasy, profound bliss, profound joy, as well as profound sadness at times, and profound difficulties. But for me the choice is do you just have a flat line of life where you don’t experience anything, or do you take life with the horns, put both of the holes and ride life for everything that it’s going to get give you and for every single experience so that you feel totally totally alive?

And this for me is what Tantra is doing is, it’s offering you the possibility to fully fully feel life, to fully belong. So today I’m kind of inviting you to ponder the subject around vulnerability, and for me opening to vulnerability, and opening to what’s really going on for you, and really opening to the experience because you’re going to have such a broader, such more ecstatic, such more fuller, richer, more gorgeous life.

So some thoughts to leave you with today. I hope you enjoyed my video today and I’ll see you again soon. Take care, thank you, bye-bye.

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