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Personal Development

It is quite normal in Tantra to meet your current boundaries and resistances through meditation, exercises or rituals. Maybe these were learned in your childhood or adult life and have served you in keeping you safe. However, do these resistances truly serve you in a way that enables you to feel free and able to connect with yourself and others in a way that you would like? Or do these stop you fully taking part, fully being yourself with others? Not being able to be fully accepted as you are can lead to anxiety and depression. Life can feel a bit stale, boring and it feels like every day is just treading water.

In our courses you will often be invited to reflect upon your internal thoughts and feelings (your process), your learning and your experiences. You will be invited to explore where this comes from, is it helpful and what it would be like to try something different. There is time created for you to share this with the other group members.

Our aim is to provide for you an arena where you can increase your consciousness of your thoughts and feelings, work out which ones are right for you and discard or overcome those that are disabling for you. We do not prescribe a set way of thinking or feeling, but instead provide the right setting for you to work out what is right for you. In some teachings, the only two core emotions that exist are love and fear. All other emotions are those layered on top. At Tantra4GayMen we offer a space of love and acceptance just as you are in this moment.

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