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Why Orgasm Is So Important

Hello there, I’m Jason Tantra and I want to welcome you to my Facebook live. Today we’re talking to you all about why orgasm is just so so important. Now you might think well orgasm why would that be important? That is a really good question. To start with, listening to this Facebook live about why orgasm is so important and I’m talking about this in the context of Tantra. So Tantra being a spiritual practice with its roots based in and it being a for me like an exploration of my spiritual journey through using my sexual energy. Now if you’re interested in a spiritual journey and you’re interested in wanting to explore who you are there are many different spiritual practices as like Zen Buddhist meditation. You could be like soot Enquirer there is yoga but actually there’s also Tantra and the reason why we might prefer that is than other spiritual practices is because it’s more fun it’s using my sexual energy it’s really waking me up and waking up my vital nurse my life and it’s using my sexual energy and its really really present.

I think this is the reason why I think Tantra is the most amazing spiritual pathway to really unlock yourself. And I’m going to talk about why orgasm is so important. The other thing please forgive me as I talk about orgasm because I’m talking about it from a man with his cock and also I’m coming at it or coming at it but I’m kind of coming at this of the perspective before gay men who love men so as kind of wherever they’re kind of pitching what I was talking about to you today.

Now if you like what you’re hearing I’m just looking at my laptop I got some things though if you like what you’re hearing I am coming to the USA in two weeks time to the to two weeks time I may be doing workshops all down West Coast Palm Springs Los Angeles or San Francisco Seattle and San Diego and then later in the spring I am coming down coming down the right-hand side to Fort Lauderdale or Boston New York Philadelphia and Chicago and listen you if you really like what you’re hearing today I’ve got a special gift for you at the end of this this live so that that might be another interest for you to come so let’s get back.

Assume then this of why orgasm is so important and i just want you to go back and have a little think for me okay about the last time that you were in a orgasmic situation okay maybe you were on your own with maybe a digital support aide maybe you were with one other many others it doesn’t matter but at that moment of ejaculation kind of I want you to ask yourself what it was you were thinking at that point that you came so if I remember correctly okay maybe there’s a bit of friction involved the energy surging up you you’re just getting more excited hopefully there’s abit of groaning and moaning going on and then there’s that moment isn’t it it’s that moment of oh my god I’m gonna cum.

But if you ever watched like a porn film and I was purely I’ll be doing it for research purposes but if you ever what support on this that moment is an air of like am I going to be in a car and then there’s like and then it’s just this and it’s like well what is that and I ask people to think about what is it thinking about when you come and they’re like I wasn’t thinking about anything and that that is really really King because would you believe that is the only moment of your waking day from conscious day it’s the early waking moment where you are not thinking I just have to think about that when you’re asleep okay completely unconscious so if you like main good we get complaints anyway that’s not for you but there’s if you think about your conscious day actually there is there’s no moment when you don’t stop thinking unless you unless you do meditation if you’re a term of an avid meditator then it’s like that’s the only moment that you’re not thinking and the other time that you’re only internal reading or thinking is when you can’t and it’s like that’s curious and that for me is a bit of a clue there’s a clue in there about why is ever not thinking why I have I got that gap.

Now the other idea that I’d like to put on the table for you to have a look at is why as a game okay why am i as a gay man actually sexually aroused and want to use my sexual energy and it’s like I think gay man sometimes have this hang-up that were kind of something that nature got wrong okay somehow nature got it wrong by making me a gay man and and making me horny and actually being a gay man and and having a reproductive function is is just a hangover a nature kind of fucked up some way and I don’t quite buy you out because let me tell you looking at here I’m in timeout at the moment my last week on toilet have a look at this okay this is beautiful that if you can see it beautiful sunshine beautiful islands out there okay we have got a fucking amazing planet that we live on and you look how complex nature is I can’t believe for a second the kind of nature fucked up on us I can’t believe it did something wrong.

There’s a very very key reason why nature or you could use that word as God or you could use that word as consciousness you could whatever you believe in or nothing at all that it was all just happened but it’s not mine I just don’t buy that it’s by mistake and so if it’s not by mistake then why is it as a gay man I feel horny I feel aroused and I wanna come and I have moments of that and it’s not about reproduction because trust me got a Staffordshire Bull Terrier it ends there okay I don’t feel a paternal bone in my body so it’s number why why is it then that I have an orgasm.

Now just go off from a little society tangent for a moment but for me it’s like when you hear about how the universe was created okay just to stay with music you hear how the universe was created and there’s this big bag of theory and it’s like Big Bang and it’s like well like I kind of sit there thinking his life actually was someone coming I mean just imagine all right just entertain me here for a second but imagine that this universe is somebody is a jocular okay that somebody masturbated wagons journey Tov they came and actually what we’re living in is an absolute microcosm of somebody’s ejaculation we are somebody’s ejaculate and this kind of going through space like we’re all moving through space is that this the shooting of an orgasm it’s an interesting thought.

Okay so I’ve got a dead load it’s kind of it’s an interesting thought about you know what was this big bang was it an orgasm and that she why do i as human being a piece of the universe have an ejaculation why do I have an orgasm why does not have them and why is it

when I have that there’s this moment of nothingness I call this deal I call this the eye of the storm and that eye of the storm for me is what every spiritual practice is looking for every spiritual practice i looking for the truth of who we really are beyond our ego and let me just talk about ego at the moment so for ego gets a really bad press and it but it’s what runs us is what’s running seven billion souls out there we are all running on our ego and our ego is made up of scripts what we believe values it’s made up of conditioning like what we experienced in our childhood the environment around us and it’s shaped on and keeping us safe and stuck it’s about keeping us safe keeping us where we are and you know for me ego does a really good job of wanting everything to and when I noticed that my sometimes been asked is what what is the point of view that is noticing that who is that who is it that is noticing you and that for me when I sit in my meditation that for me is my being my being is this when I feel it in meditation it just feel like an energy and it just feels like like there’s a truth there and I’m really clear that it’s not the part of me that is just thinking and doing and operating there’s another part of me that’s actually holding the whole show together and actually if you’re able to separate those two then that for me is where the spiritual journey begins and that for me is where you could start to watch your ego but I don’t know he lies sometimes get to hide somewhere why did I act like that again why did i twerked I behave in that way what was I thinking what was going on and sometimes I get fed up with my ego get fed up with sometimes reacting to whales dive but I am but based on like an automatic script.

So for me you know the practice of meditation is really helping me to put some distance between those two places and then the reason the word if we then bring that to orgasm is a way of splintering is that moment where the ego separates because the body is overwhelmed with sensation that it all it can do is just be be the sensation like if you think about it next time you come we’ll have an orgasm there’s something about just that moment of being that is just completely expanded now for me that’s so so important at the moment orgasm is so important because it brings you to the present state of consciousness it brings you to the present moment and that is really the only time the rest of the day were operating in our minds.

I work on my laptop I’m talking to you or my phone device were operating in this digital age and you know I’m here in Auckland and you should see the plastic on the beach and that’s all being fed through nature you know and it’s like humanity’s unconsciousness is actually in a lack of presence and in a wheel we are as human beings like damaging the planet that we live on but for me the planet is a metaphor for what’s happening inside of us already and and inside what’s happening inside of us is I feel that is being called to attention like if you look at the next 20 30 years of humanity it’s going to be make or break either we’re going to completely fuck it fuck it all up and we’re not going to have anywhere to live anymore or we’re going to make changes there’s gonna enable us to live and breathe and live in a good way on on this planet.

And it’s for me there’s something about love so in Tantra one of the things that we law is the idea of wealth and if you look at it our ego okay is only often giving them off on conditional basis and one of the things turn true teachers one of the things I teach is how can we find love how can we be loved regardless of what we think about that person and for me turn turn turn to take no prisoners because it’s asking you to really address that issue it’s asking you to really address that issue in a live environment with another person stood opposite you you don’t get more present than another person stood in front of you and the list of things to do and kind of work in that room and trying to find some truth trying to find something in there.

For me that’s where I talked about the state of presence and I talked about the state of presence of a on in on our day-to-day world and I just feel the consciousness that work force that thing of him the other beingness is making a real invitation to the conscious and for me your orgasm is a way for you to be reminded of your consciousness of your beingness so to me one of the things that orgasm does and why it’s so important is that it’s a spiritual reminder of the truth of who you are beyond your ego is the only moment other than meditation that you are saturated with and it feels so fucking good like if you think after you’ve like cub and you just like in this afterglow and you’re like oh my god I mean if it was a good one I mean some of them are like rubbish and some of them are oh my god and the ones that are oh my god you’re just there and Isla oh my god and you’ll just be like wow.

And that for meaning okay is the gateway into this thing called ecstasy and into this gateway thing called bliss and for me ecstasy and bliss are natural States and it’s only our ego is of ego – our thinking mind that takes us away from that and so again what orgasms doing is reminding you the truth that actually of bliss and of ecstasy and is only being in the last hundred years that we bought into these ideas of capitalism you know we’re trying to find out how to make things work how to actually make the whole system work and don’t think you’ve done about job but actually what we’ve sacrificed is some truth about being present and I feel in some ways you have we lost two of our humanity as where they’re working like you know 12 hours a day eight hours a day in a job you know and was just so focused on that if we actually be lost.

And I don’t as I said I’ve done about you and I’m sat there on my laptop or I’m sat there on my phone and I’m working actually I can get really lost in the get really lost in my mind and my ego my brain is just completely wired and I knew his contact with the world that’s around me and orgasm brings you back to that orgasm bring it’s like a master reset switch now the one thing we do in Tantra so they could propose them to ask you well how often does your orgasm last and even if you’re lucky it’s ten seconds or twenty and one of the things we’re trying to do in terms is take that like 20 seconds and to make it sort of like maybe five minutes or maybe ten minutes maybe half remaining one an hour actually being in a constant state of orgasm for me in the universe is in a constant state of orgasm is in a constant state of ecstasy and a constant state of bliss and it’s like for me one of the things that Tantra offers is the possibility to learn how to extend that so that it’s almost like but I won’t have sex and ge programmed that we’ve got a car the conclusion of sex is I need to shoot my load of income that are turning that gives them the truth once you are more sexual more aroused more ecstatic more eating your juices what I notice is that will flow in and out of our sexuality in a much more fluid way.

You know it doesn’t have to be Sunday night at 7 o’clock and scheduled in for per hour or five minutes actually there’s a way of being a way of living that actually is more juicy more flowing more enabling kind of more just more juicy more more alive more awake and and this is one of the things I think that were looking for we’re looking for how to as humans how to be happier how to hold this all together how to find the answers of a happy life and for me tantra offers the possibility of an ecstatic awake blissful juicy gorgeous week and I see it you know it when I do my night week or on retreats you see how people have just awakened to this juicy sexy conscious of where nothing place I create the very spaces in my work that I would love to live in that I would want to be in on a day-to-day that I could be redundant and do something energy but it’s those containers of sexual juicy energy is free-flowing is without judgments is without shame without feeling guilty like you know I’ve got rid of him too far I’m too old up to you we got rid of all of that shit and we’re just present to the moment of being beautiful juicy gorgeous sexy

So I’m just checking like looking up on foreigners but I just wanna draw this to the conclusion around you know what I’ve been talking about today is why orgasm is so important and the crux of it is from spiritual perspective the crux of it is that it’s a reminder it’s the truth of who you really are as an ecstatic blissful gorgeous being and it’s the rest of the world shit that keeps us bogged down and the practice of Tantra about becoming juicy ecstatic orgasmic it’s really about waking up is about awakening awakening to a greater potential what awakening to who you really want to be you know pass all the crowd was about waking up at allow and the thing is is what I’ve learned in years it’s not the things that are gonna change the obstacles and issues that you have in the life they don’t change they don’t go away.

What you have control over of what you have power over is to change your perspective on those if you change your perspective on this they come to activity angel frightened of wearing give away your power to be and you think about you know situations where somebody else that if they feel like they’ve got some power over you if you’re able to stop reframing bits of reframing the situation what you really loving sister actually that fear isn’t necessary and so there’s a freedom through letting it go letting it run not believing in asking is it really real.

But all of the fears they have in your life I would ask are they really are those fears really real I think really true are you gonna die okay have you got food on the table try to live have you got a room to sleep in tonight and if the answers are those – yes then all of those fears it’s like how true are they when we run around everyday me too you know possessed by different fears insecurities anxieties pressure stress and all the things things do is they lock us although I would say my heart’s with 1qa hell with it okay jerk your way out of it okay self pleasure – you’re so juicy and so orgasmic that there is no more fear okay I think that’s the way I think that’s the answer and unless in truth in that as I’m as I’m talking to you there is some truth in listen we’re nearly at the end of this live session today we hope you like what you’ve heard today and if you find it interesting please come and join me for one of my weekend workshops.

And I talked about a present okay my present for you if you like what you’re hearing today you’re gonna come and spend a weekend with me either in Palm Springs San Francisco Seattle or Seattle but as we say in Bristol but Seattle San Diego LA or you’re going to come down and join me on the East Coast Fort Lauderdale Boston New York Philadelphia Chicago I’ve were a special gift for you and that special gift is I’ve been giving $50 off as $50 off if you put in your promo code Facebook live.

Listen to today you love for every turn of wisdom that I’ve shared with you and you like oh my god I want to go do this I want to come and experience that so yeah please come and join me 102 we tend to be one of my absolute joy is to be with you this is I really hope you’ve enjoyed today and remember your orgasm is so so important sending you lots of love hope to see you soon.

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